Buying Kenworth Trucks in 2019 – 2020

Buying Kenworth Trucks in 2019 – 2020

Buying Kenworth Trucks for your Business

Read This Before You Buy a Kenworth Semi Truck!

Guide to buying Kenworth trucks - Kenworth T800 Tandem Dump Truck Hardox Body

So you are looking at buying Kenworth trucks? Congratulations! Your business has been booming and you’ve decided that it’s time for an upgrade. That old truck has served you well, but it’s high time that you switch to something with better specs, more power, better technology and lower miles to keep up with the competition and make way for the growing profits. You’ve realized that the right time has come to get an upgraded heavy truck.

And you have the perfect kind of truck in mind, a good ol’ Kenworth.

But every triumph has an obstacle. Being the reputable brand that it is, Kenworth  heavy trucks can be expensive, because as we know, the good units cost more.

You still have a fledgling business in your hands. A pricey investment such as a brand new heavy truck can be a risky financial move. With that in mind, it might be a good idea to buy a used Kenworth semi-truck instead!


Why to Consider Used When Buying  Kenworth Trucks?

Buying a used Kenworth semi-truck that can add more to your business’ revenue potential, and they’re often every bit as good as their newer counterparts. That is why they have one of the best resale values in the industry.

Here are some valid reasons why ‘used’ can actually be better than ‘new’.


A Used Kenworth Heavy Truck Is A Significantly Cheaper Purchase

The cheaper price can ultimately help in avoiding the red marks on your bottom line. Most trucks greatly depreciate in price only after a few years and this is a good time to take advantage before the wear and tear appears due to age.

As an example, a brand-new truck that was bought at $180,000 can significantly drop by $50,000 in just a couple of years. Every year after that, the price can further drop by half value as new models get manufactured and spare parts get cheaper. In just a few years, a used heavy truck can be bought at a steal for around $70,000 USD for a quality, low-mile Kenworth Tractor.


Buying Kenworth Trucks Used Means Less Financial Risk

A brand new truck can be a long term financial investment. Shelling out less money for a used truck means less risk on your end if in case you need a quick change in direction in terms of career or business mindset. As mentioned before, new trucks greatly depreciate in price yearly. If you need to sell your used semi-truck, the loss in investment won’t hurt nearly as much as selling a brand new one.


Some Used Kenworth Trucks Are More Powerful Than The Newer Models

A handful of truck drivers attest that older models can be more powerful and efficient than the newer ones. Some older models are even sturdier and well-designed compared to the newer models in the market. An example is Kenworth’s legendary W900 model. For a model that first came out in the 60s, it hasn’t changed much over the decades and continuously remained as an icon among truck drivers.


What to Consider When Buying Kenworth Trucks


Spacious Sleeper Cabins

Kenworth trucks are known for their spacious cabins, some models even have cabins large enough to stand up and stretch their high rise configuration. Kenworth’s cabins are large enough to house several amenities such as small refrigerators, mini-tv’s, and gaming consoles. If you want a used semi-truck that can provide comfort to your driver on those long, inter-state deliveries, then a Kenworth would be  great choice.

Fuel Efficiency

You decided to buy a used truck to reduce your costs, so why not buy a brand that reduces your costs further by helping you save on fuel? Kenworth trucks are built with fuel-efficient engines and body designs that can help you reduce your fuel costs while maximizing your mileage.

Computer Systems

Kenworth became a pioneer in integrating computerization in their trucks, equipping their models with onboard computers that monitor every aspect of the truck’s performance. It not only improves fuel and transmission efficiency, but the integrated computer systems can also alert the driver if in case of engine problems and connects them to the nearest Kenworth repair shop.


How To Buy A Used Kenworth Truck


Figure out what type of truck you need.

Since you know your business inside and out, it’s time to narrow things down. Will you use it for long haul deliveries? Or will you be needing a Day Cab for in-town work such as hauling heavy cargo and equipment? Now that you know what model of Kenworth you need, be sure that the axles, engine and transmission will meet your requirements. An under-spec’d truck can be a costly mistake in terms of repairs, and may not even meet the GVW you require.


Additional things to ask before closing the deal

Two things that you can bring up before purchasing that used Kenworth truck, are optional financing plans and extended warranties.

Even if it’s used, big rigs can still put a dent on your bank account if bought in full, so check if they have options to buy the truck in installments. Reputable dealers can connect you with banks and other financial institutions to help you with the payment options.

An extended warranty is another thing that is worth researching. A warranty can save you a lot of money with repairs in the long run. Make sure to read the fine print before signing up on a warranty for some can be unexpectedly pricey and may not offer coverage on major components.



If you’re looking for the right truck to help your business grow, then check our catalogue of guaranteed, work-ready, low-mileage Used Kenworth trucks at International Machinery.

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