Find The Right Truck For You

With International Machinery, the perfect truck for your personal or business needs is within your reach. We offer a wide selection of used and professionally restored Kenworth, Peterbilt, and Western Star trucks with flexible financing options and personalized service.

If you are from Canada or the northwestern United States, feel free to drop by our dealership in Maple Ridge, BC near Vancouver. One of our trucks could be your next dump truck, low-bed truck, or one that can serve you on your
vocational and daily trips for years to come. Browse our used truck inventory and find the right semi-truck that will fit all your

Trucks You’ll Need For Your Business

Now that we’ve enlightened you on the viability of buying a used semi-truck, we laid out a list of truck types that you might need for your business:

The Heavy Duty Truck

Everyone knows about the ever reliable heavy duty truck. These massive and powerful machines are designed to transport heavy loads and aid in specialized manual labor. These trucks are perfect as suction excavators, fire trucks, and concrete mixers.

The Tow truck

These commercial trucks are powerful enough to haul vehicles in case of an accident. They are often used to move illegally parked vehicles or recover vehicles from wreckages or breakdowns.

The Semi-Trailer Truck

A semi-trailer truck is a tractor and a semi-trailer combined into one unit. They are utilized in almost every industry as a means to transport cargo.

The Box Truck

Box trucks come in lengths of 4 to 7 meters high and are most commonly used to haul furniture appliances. These trucks are equipped with rear doors that roll up, allowing furniture and other cargo to move in and out for easy transport.

The Flatbed Truck

Unlike closed trucks, flatbeds do not have a roof or side supports. Instead, it has a flat body that allows it to transport heavy loads that take up too much space.