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If you fancy a truck that pays attention to detail quality over cookie-cutter technological trinkets, then Western Star trucks would be your kind of brand. Here at International Machinery, we offer the best line of used Western Star trucks that will serve you for years to come. Our associates at International Machinery can help you buy a used semi-truck with the trusted Western Star touch that will fit whatever your business needs.

Humble Beginnings

Built on a foundation of commitment to innovation and quality, Western Star thrived on the belief that the most valuable asset in trucking is the driver. This belief became the cornerstone on which Western Star would build its legacy of power, durability, power, and comfort.

Western Star’s legacy began in 1967 in Cleveland, Ohio as White Western Star, a subsidiary of the White Motor Company. The company answered the growing demand for logging, heavy-duty mining, and oil transportation trucks with a plant in Kelowna, British Columbia that manufactured quality trucks on 250,000 square feet of space. Word soon quickly spread, and 50,000 square feet of warehouse space was soon added to the fledgling company.

Western Star continued to grow in the 1980’s with Volvo A.B. acquiring its US assets and two energy companies, Bow Valley Resource Services and Nova, purchasing its Canadian assets, Kelowna plant, and brand name. This paved the way for product developments such as increased headroom and improved driver visibility, setting the Western Star brand name apart from the competition. The improvement in the product line also attracted a new section of the market: the highway tractor drivers.

In the 1990’s, an Australian businessman named Terrence Peabody purchased Western Star Trucks and established it as a premier heavy truck manufacturer over the next ten years. Peabody spearheaded the production of revolutionary innovations such as the Star Light Sleeper, a truck with an ultra-lightweight polypropylene honeycomb core. Western Star’s driver-centric approach continued to turn the company’s fortune around as Daimler Trucks North America purchased the company in 2000, establishing Western Star’s foothold in the freightliner trucks market.

2002 marked another milestone for the company as it moved to a new, state-of-the-art facility in Portland, Oregon where they manufactured the 4700, 4800, 4900, and 6900 models. Western Star cemented its prominence among highway truck drivers with the popular LowMax package that offers a low visual profile and a plethora of stainless steel accessories.

From 2015 until today, Western Star remains as a premier producer of custom heavy-duty trucks as it continues to operate in Cleveland, North Carolina. Technological advancement may have hastened manufacturing processes, but Western Star prides in the fact that their trucks are all custom-built by hand in the last 45 years, allowing them to pay special attention to the subtle needs of the truck driver.

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