Peterbilt 388 For Sale in Canada

Peterbilt 388 For Sale in Canada

Shop Our selection of used Peterbilt 388 for sale in Canada. We have the right Peterbilt for your needs. Day Cab, Sleeper Cab, Tandem & Tridem, Heavy Haul Trucks and More.

The Peterbilt 388, commonly known as a heavy hauler, is among the most top-notch and powerful trucks offering staggering features like other well-known heavy-duty trucks on the market. The 388 is more like an upgraded version of Peterbilt 367 with added functionality and features. These trucks are meant to offer more durability, higher performance, and reliability than older versions.

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Peterbilt 388 For Sale in Canada

At International Machinery, we carry many models of Peterbilt Heavy Trucks, including the 388 model. Our trucks are rigorously inspected, late-model, low mileage and even can carry factory warranty in some cases. We stand by our vehicles with great pride and want to help you to find the right truck for the job. Have a look at our inventory of Heavy Haul Trucks.

Peterbilt 388 For Sale in Canada – Innovative Technology

Looking at Peterbilt 388, we’ll find this truck comes with many exceptional features, and truck lovers widely praise it all around the world. These trucks fall in the category of economical trucks as they offer higher fuel efficiency and more performance. If you’re a first-time buyer, we recommend you to buy a 388 as it provides durability and reliability like no other.

Furthermore, drivers find these trucks a suitable option for performing their duties in challenging work environments. If you’re looking for heavy-duty trucks like the Peterbilt 388 for sale in Canada at the most affordable rates, then International Machinery is the best place to get something reliable for you. We have listed some great quality trucks with the best features in our used truck inventory.

Peterbilt 388 Design:

Peterbilt performed well in making this heavy-duty truck luxurious and durable. This truck is specially designed to carry tons of dump, construction waste, logging, and several other heavy-duty vocational applications.

Visit International Machinery to check the finest quality used trucks in the market.  Continuing with the exceptional design of Peterbilt 388 for sale, this truck is simple, lightweight, and is made from high-quality aluminum material. The main highlighting features include bulkhead-style and lap seam construction. It also ranks among the best heavy-duty cab trucks that are meant to offer toughness and roughness. Most importantly, these trucks are corrosion-resistant and remain in good condition for a long time.

These trucks are featured among best performing dump trucks and day cab trucks because they offer high-level performance and fuel efficiency.

It does not end here; the exquisite design of the Peterbilt 388 also incorporate the pod mounted headlamps. These headlamps make the difference, and they are cost-effective, durable, and corrosion-resistant.

Headlamps are affordable as you don’t have to spend a lot of money replacing the broken one. Furthermore, another essential feature is halogen bulbs. Not to mention, these bulbs increase your night visibility and let you see everything. Moreover, halogens have a longer life.

Peterbilt 388 – Cummins ISX Engine:

The Peterbilt 388 for sale features one of the best quality and powerful engines. The Cummins ISX engine produces high power and reliable performance by consuming less fuel. Keeping high efficiency in view, these trucks are the most suitable trucks saving a considerable chunk of money in fuel expenses.

The lightweight material not only makes this truck durable and reliable but also economical. In other words, everything from fabric to internal functions works perfectly to make this truck the best suitable option for truck lovers. With this truck in your garage, you can have a couple of benefits such as increased uptime, higher resale value, longer service intervals, and low operating cost.

Cummins ISX Engine Efficiency:

The Cummins ISX engine offers fuel efficiency and reduces your fuel expenses to half. Like other high-end engines, the performance of Peterbilt 388’s engine is acceptable. Furthermore, the maintenance cost and time of the Cummins ISX engine is meager. This engine also ensures increased productivity, uptime, and more business profits.

The accuracy, speed, and efficiency rendered by this Cummins ISX engine are exceptional. The most important function is that this engine is reliable and only suits professional riders. The Cummins ISX engine’s best thing is that it has a higher resale price compared to several other machines in the market.

Cummins ISX engine is a complete package for drivers and a suitable engine option to consider in modern heavy-duty trucks. The best part is that the ISX engine has a higher resale price.

Peterbilt 388 for sale in Canada

Peterbilt 388 Engine Performance

The Cummins ISX engine of Peterbilt 388 for sale is known to provide reliability, durability, reliable performance, and seamless power. This engine is the best option to check-in day cab and heavy-duty trucks in the market. Furthermore, you will have more energy, high fuel efficiency, low maintenance cost, time, and longer life.

388’s Interior Design:

Peterbilt 388 for sale is also known for offering the highest level of comfort to your truck drivers. The interior design of the 388 models resembles the one in most heavy-duty trucks. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about drivers’ comfort if they drive the whole day.

International Machinery offers a heavy duty and used trucks at most affordable rates. Browse our used truck inventory to look at the most prominent deals.