Kenworth T800 For Sale in Saskatoon

Kenworth T800 For Sale in Saskatoon Saskatchewan

At International Machinery, we can help you find a Kenworth T800 for sale in Saskatoon Saskatchewan that can fit all your business needs. Whether if it’s for transport or heavy-duty use, we have inventory units that can serve your fleet.
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Kenworth T800 for sale in Saskatoon Saskatchewan

Kenworth T800 For Sale in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

When it comes to Kenworth T800 for sale in Saskatoon, you are looking in the right place. The tremendous power of Kenworth T800 makes it a worthwhile option to consider for different types of vocation jobs. These trucks also rank in the best heavy-duty trucks released by Kenworth so far. Efficiency and effectiveness are the other two essential aspects of these trucks. These two trucks are available in two options, such as day cab trucks in Saskatoon and sleeper cab heavy spec trucks in Saskatoon.

These trucks contain a lot of exciting features, including a fantastic radiator and a powerful engine. The Cummins ISX engine is potent as it allows you to take on your heavy-duty work with ease. Let us get started with some key features this truck has in store for you.

Kenworth T800 for sale in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Quick Features:

  • Kenworth T800 generates 380 to 600 horsepower.
  • These trucks produce 1450 torque.
  • T800 cabs operate on Diesel.
  • The top speed of these trucks is nearly 70 to 75mph.

However, our used heavy truck inventory contains the best version of Kenworth T800 that can produce nearly 500 horsepower. If you are finding a new version very expensive, take the time to check our used truck inventory for Kenworth T800 for sale in Saskatoon. All of the heavy haul trucks and tractors are available at low prices.

Kenworth T800 Design:

Unlike other heavy haul tractors, these trucks feature aerodynamic design, which makes them unique and compelling. Further, the aerodynamic design seems to be an upgraded version of traditional Kenworth models. The design includes a tall stance and fantastic grille at the front while there are also two bright vertical exhaust stalks.

There are also large wheel arches at the front that are connected with two rectangular light clusters. The two-piece windshield in Kenworth T800 trucks is there to ensure driver safety in case of misfortune. Furthermore, it is effortless and affordable to replace a windshield if they get damaged. For providing excellent side, front, and rearview, these trucks feature extra cab windows and slope hooded mirrors.

These trucks are popular among drivers in Saskatchewan because of their performance, reliability, and less cost. The front bumpers are made up of high quality and solid steel material to prevent any fatal or massive damage to the truck.

Our used truck stock contains the best version of Kenworth T800 trucks with fantastic features; you might see in updated versions. The features may include stainless cowl mounted air cleaners, beacon lights, toolboxes, roof-mounted lamps, battery boxes, and fuel tanks.

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